SMART 9 to 5 Business Hours. The Smart Choice for HR

SMART 9 to 5 Business Hours

(Phone based Employment Advice Service)

The SMART 9 to 5 Advice Service is a phone based advice service for business owners and their management teams, to guide them through day to-day HR issues and queries, to ensure compliance and conformity in your workplace.

What our HR audit can do for you

Our SMART 9 to 5 package can be accessed from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday via our SMART email or via our direct line to one of our consultants.

Our clients simply quote their SMART 9 to 5 Client Reference Number and a response will be generated on that same day.

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Quarterly Reports

A private and confidential report of all your managers’ requests for advice and information is issued to the business owner, every quarter, to facilitate monitoring issues within your company.

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