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Mystery Guest Audit

SMART HR Solutions Mystery Guest Audit is a service & quality check, whereby two of our team members anonymously visit your business, to observe and report on different elements of the customer experience — which include the various steps of service, product quality, cleanliness, safety, cash handling, etc.

The evaluation criteria are predetermined jointly by you the client and the SMART team, by customising it to meet your exact business needs. The entire quality check operation is carried out in an undercover method to insure that your employees are unaware that they are being mystery shopped.

Studies show that customer satisfaction, and the relationships you and your staff build with your customers, are the most important measures for success and survival. Keeping customers happy and loyal is the name of the game in a competitive marketplace. Business owners need to make sure the customer relationships are strong and that they secure the loyalty they’ve earned. Mystery shopping can help you do that and is one of the only ways to get a truly unbiased and objective view from the customer’s standpoint. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the customer’s perception of your restaurant is critical.
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Mystery Guest Audits have shown to do the following:

  • Determine customer loyalty and satisfaction as well as improving perceived levels of service
  • Understand the customer’s view of your business which will help improve your brand image
  • Report competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess the integrity of employees, company procedures and internal controls
  • Supports an incentive program that will boost employee productivity & loyalty
  • Identifies problems whether large or small
  • Targets your limited training resources
  • Improve your service levels to help you to increase profit
  • Benchmark against previous performance

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